Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr Ray

salam..harini start kelas WPE 3 (Welding Process Engineering Level 3-Engineer). jumpa dgn Mr Ray, lecturer TWI from Newcastle = Kota Bharu? hahahaha

Hmm..dia sangat professional n very experience in welding. n he is also one of the lecturers for this program in UK. hmm..sini aku nk citer pasal dia..what he told us in the beginning of our class.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION! He said, in UK, students can ask as many questions as they want. the learning process is in two ways which is interaction between students and lecturers. in Malaysia, we are really afraid to ask questions because our questions may sound stupid to the lecturers and students. they will laugh their hearts out and make joke of it for the rest of our life? agree?? tp dia ada kata gak...but there is a stupid, beware!! sebelum jawab apa2..think carefully!

2nd, he asked us whether we were comfortable with our class arrangement. we just said.."yeah..this is the best we can get". he said, i don't like u all to see the back of other students. please make a U shape of table arrangement so that we can make this class more towards a discussion myself feels that the arrangement was a good idea but maybe some of us will be having a neck-ache for turning our head towards the projector..haha

hmm..apa lagi eh? the best thing yg i perasan pasal lecturers dr overseas ni, diorg xpernah ckp "no" for our opinions...walaupun kita jawab salah..dia xkan ckp yg jawapan kita salah. dia akan fikir sekejap n try to make our answer seems maybe..or can be... mcm kita punya opinion ada betulnya..xde sampai totally menolak terus bulat2..diorg really appreciate apa yg kita fikir and walaupun salah, still diorg cakap maybe and diorg akan bg pulak pendapat diorg and we compare pendapat yg dia bg dgn pendapat kita..n it will become a discussion.. bagus kan?

tp ye, bukan semua diorg diorg ni mmg mindset macamtu dari kecik sampai besar. kita boleh ambil yg baik2 ni and aplikasi dlm kehidupan kita. betul x?

ok cukup pasal Mr Ray, ckp pasal paper WPE 2 dulu plak, result br dpt td and sadly, ada 8 org dapat borderline. ramai jugak out of 20 kami2 ni. En Faisal kata sbb maybe lack of experience, tu sebab ramai fresh grads yg dapat borderline. tp diorg semua bijak2 n sangat rajin. I'm sure diorg xde masalah dgn oral test utk bordeline nanti. Good luck guys!

N also, good luck utk minggu ni. belajar rajin2..jgn asyik membebel kt blog je..hahaha..

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