Tuesday, April 6, 2010

quitting your job

Baru lepas tgk ugly betty season 4 episode 18..i love this episode so damn much :P

Betty, her sister and Amanda (Mandy) went to London for bachelor party sponsored by MODE. At there, they met Christina, which is a successful and well-known fashion designer.

Sgt2 teruja dgn ayat Christina:

"do you know why I was really terrified when I left MODE? All the sudden I didn't have a safety net, but u know what it did? it force me to take a chance of what I really wanted to do..

Christina keje kt Mode dulu, sebagai stylist. Tp dia ada masalah dengan Wallemina Slater sbb dia pregnant anak dia sendiri, bukan hanya sebagai ibu tumpang anak Wallemina and the late Meade. Dia n hubby bawa lari baby tu, n sekaligus quitting from MODE. And now, she is a really successful fashion designer..

owh, am I have to quit my job as a welding engineer and follow my dream to be a business woman? a successful one?

Ya Allah, berikanla petunjukMu..amin